Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Moose For All Occasions I

Greetings! Today my post features MORE moose stamps. I have tons and I decided to put them all together for my aerobics instructor. Merilee celebrated her 61st birthday on Monday. She loves all the "junk" I make and well, who doesn't like to do a few less push-ups in class. (If you know Merilee you know what I'm talking about.)
I am splitting up the images into two posts, it just makes things a little more exciting for you.
On Saturday night, I got together with my good buddies from Archiver's to craft but also to play and EAT. (Shelly I am still working on the whole leaning thing for Hula Hooping:)
That brings me to my next subject....OREO CAKESTERS. OK I do exercise A LOT and try to eat my fabulous 5 everyday (fruits and veggies), but MAN are these babies good. Some of my friends are on NO SUGAR diets and well....good for them cuz I'm going to indulge a wee bit.
If you have not tried these Cakesters I speak of, you MUST. They are seriously the best thing ever! Shelly Behr emailed me yesterday to tell me that they now offer a 100 calorie pack for those of us who CANNOT control ourselves. I told her that she made my wildest dreams come true. (Remember from Napoleon Dynamite PEDRO says, "Vote for me and all your wildest dreams will come true.") Yep, that's how good Cakesters are. SO TRY THEM. (enough said)
So back to cards- Today I am posting the cute little exercising moose and my baking guy moose.
I used Sassafrass papers for the exerciser and my Copic markers. I suggest paying a little visit to You Tube when you have some extra time. There is so much you can do with these markers!
The second card is my delicious moose. On this creation, I used papers from my good ole' stand by Basic Grey. One just has to love the 6x6 packs. I added a little half circle and stamped delicious with my Hero Arts cupcake stamp set. So fun! Enjoy!


J'Mo said...

mmmm chocolate CAKESTERS!!!!!

Shelly B said...

I tried the Cakesters too and LOVE THEM!!!