Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea Bag Holder-Sewing!!

Greetings! I have been following a new blog Lolly Chops. I love it!! I am now using my sewing machine and LOTS of fabric! It is fun to try new materials. So I decided to start small and went with her template to create a tea bag holder. If you know me well, I always carry extra bags of tea in my purse. (You never know when you will feel a cold coming on or have a sore throat.)

Anyway, I though this would not only make a cute gift, but it would also keep my tea bags well, let's just say in better condition, right?! So here it is my first tea bag holder. I went the extra crafty-mile and added my own button hole. After viewing a tutorial on youtube and reading my machine instructions VERY carefully-I did it!

The kids are very impressed with my machine skills, yes they are young, but hey everyone has to have some type of cheerleaders, right?