Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crackle Paints from Ranger

Greeting! New product day today. Trying to show you more stuff that I am seeing not only on blogs but also in the stores. Today's post is all about Crackle Paint. Tim Holtz has a ton of new products, one of them is called Crackle Paint. Years ago, I used something similar but it didn't have the color in it. It was more of a coat of paint you added after you painted the original color...and it DID NOT have the distress affects this stuff has. Jennifer McGuire has lots of these video tutorials, which I love because you can really get a sense of how the products work plus you get a TON of ideas. See them here on her blog.
The card I used the paint on is made with Junebug from Basic Grey. I simply punched a circle from tag board and painted it with the crackle medium. I then sped up the drying process with my heat gun. (You will have to enlarge the picture to see the distressing done withthe green paint.)
This card was made for my friend Tara who not only celebrates he birth date but also her birthday week and month. CRAZY WOMAN! Enjoy!

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