Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OK No Boat For Me...

Now, by now you should know that I LOVE The New Kids on the Block. This spring you can go on cruise with them to the Bahamas and well I AM NOT GOING..and I guess that is OK. NO MOOLA FOR THE CHICA! But if I can't go on the boat at least I have this awesome picture. "The New Kid Boat...exciting and new..they're expecting ME" (Ha Ha).
Last weekend I spent a whole ton of time scrapbooking and finished four layouts. I haven't glued pictures down on paper for ages! Here is a peek at what I made....
I hope to rip open some Crafty Secret stamps really soon. Some things I bought with the money I made from sellin' some stuff on ebay. They are floral images so hopefully I can do lots with them.

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