Wednesday, February 18, 2009

UMMM This is Cool???!!

Greetings! I have no craft...I am no craft...I feel no craft. But I DO have this ummmm cool thing for you to view. Are You Down?(How did these guys find all of my make up and clothing?) Man, I just loved 1986. OK here is some craft. Check out the Glitter Mist video/tutorial HERE. I think I NEED this stuff. Enjoy!


webbwatz said...

Heather-You still are a freak!! NKOTYB? I enjoy your blogs,you make me lol. Thanks for the glitter video.Love,Mom

Shelly B said...

That was really cool! I actually have some of the stuff but didn't really know how to use it. Thanks Heather!

J'Mo said...

Missing you lately - hope all is well :-)